Android Development


Why Need Android Development?

weblifeinfotechIt is currently used in many devices like tablets, mobiles, and televisions, etc. Android offers a rich application framework that permits to build innovative apps for mobile. Android app development enables device makers to innovate. App developers India can reach huge audiences and build strong businesses. Consumers have an extraordinary choice in devices at lower prices. This mobile application development service is free for everyone to customize, download and distribute.
A Mobile app design company develop various products for start-up, small and big companies. They help existing customers and prospects in every stage of product and getting customer feedback. They believe in continuous improvement of android application development.

Applications of Android

Android’s open-source model motivates innovation by giving freedom to device makers to customize phones and the Android OS, and preinstall selected apps. So consumers get more choices.

  • 1. More Phone Choices- Apple enthusiasts have limited choices of phones available for upgrades, while Android users have many brands of phones to select from at different price levels.
  • 2. Removable Storage and Battery- Increase memory capacity in an iPhone requires a costly upgrade, while Android devices have expandable microSD slots. The batteries are also removable, enabling for replacement of the battery and not the entire phone.
  • 3. Better Hardware- Some Android Development Company and smart phones compete against iPhone, with better hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a faster processor, more RAM, better battery capacity and screen resolution.
  • 4. More App Choices- With Android, you can shop apps outside the Play Store at places such as Amazon.
  • 5. Google Play Is More User-Friendly- Both the Apple Store and Android’s Google Play provide over one million downloadable apps. However, the App Store has constraints, like a mandatory iTunes interface and a need to downloaded movies to be played on Apple devices. Hence, if you as a businessman and require to develop mobile apps, then hire us.