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weblifeinfotechThe world of education is evolving and information technology has become an important part of the learning process. Web Life Infotech understands the requirement for educational service providers to feature efficient, stable, and flexible and education portals. Some aspects of our web-based education portal are as follows:

  • Catalogs on popular degrees
  • Quick Search Options depending on location
  • Easy updating and modification options
  • Quick Search Options depending on courses
  • Specific sections on Online Degrees
  • Exclusive sections on Financial Aids

We also provide customized features according to the requirements of our clients. We have many years of experience in offering education portal solutions to renowned educational service providers.
Our team of web developers specializes in providing well-planned educational websites that provide useful information. We understand that education giving is an important task and the internet has become an important part of the process. Therefore, we design progressive education portals inclusive of modern features that make it user-friendly and flexible.

We Provide The Education Portal Development Services:

  • On-time Delivery- Assessments real-time access anytime, the library of course materials where students can see recent Class Videos, faculty can see student performance and admin can see both of them.
  • Online forums- Creating online communities of students, alumni, and administrators we have a large platform to develop the website.
  • Access Resources- Facility to right to use resources for faculty, students and admin parents. The related person can access his/her Authorized data via Mobile, Laptop and Desktop.
  • Calendar of Events- With the advancements in technology, the demands of business functionalities have changed.
  • Exam Assessments- Education web services are becoming more popular with the development of e-commerce. Anyone who comes up with a website, expect it to grow to attract more visitors.
  • Job Opening Facilities- We develop web applications for portals, e-commerce, business process automation and so on. Our applications are as per the latest web standards.