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weblifeinfotechWeblife Infotech is a B2B and lead management service provider and lead generation company that is trusted by many business owners around the world. Backed by proven sales prospecting procedure and smart marketing technology, we give them the power to scale the sales team and boost your sales through lead generation services. Having worked with many clients from around the world has given us valuable experience.

  • Identify- Compile the list of companies that can match the target customer profile
  • Expand- Stakeholders and profile key prospects within target companies
  • Engage- Connect with prospects across channels with relevant communication media
  • Convert- Confirm and set appointments with the right people

How We Help Businesses to Get Succeed?

We make sure to reach potential customers on the marketing channel.

  • Email- Send personalized Emails and send event-triggered emails
  • Voice- Call Opens From Intro Email and Follow-up Email
  • Social- invite to connect and send Follow-up Email
  • Chat- 24/7 Sales Chat Support and Qualified Leads
  • Follow-up Warm Prospects through Call and Email
  • Mobile- Send SMS Notifications
  • Website- Display Banner Ads to target prospects, follow-up prospects through Call & Email, identify prospects that Visit Your Website